“I always had a happy life…I never had a sad life before, but sometimes I get confused- I struggle a little bit,” says my now 19-year-old brother, Liam, at his grandmother’s house in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan. 

In 2014 I began photographing my brother’s day-to-day life to try and better understand how he sees the world. At an early age Liam was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. "Liam’s World” focuses on depicting a more faithful portrayal into living with autism. Each image contains a handwritten caption by Liam, describing how he felt in the moment where he was being photographed, how he interprets each image, or how he describes his relationship with the person pictured. By having Liam write his own captions, it allows him to have authority over how his story is shared. This work has helped me to understand who my brother is as a person and how he exists in the world. “Liam’s World” aims to amplify my own brother’s voice, but to also inspire people living with disabilities to share their own stories. 

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